Redmine 0.9.3リリース

2010-03-02 16:17  •  分類: ,

2月28日、Redmine 0.9.3がリリースされました。

Redmine 0.9.2に対して以下の変更・修正が行われています。


  • Adds filter for system shared versions on the cross project issue list
  • Makes project identifiers searchable
  • Remove invalid utf8 sequences from commit comments and author name
  • Fixed: Wrong link when “http” not included in project “Homepage” link
  • Fixed: Escaping in html email templates
  • Fixed: Pound (#) followed by number with leading zero (0) removes leading zero when rendered in wiki
  • Fixed: Deselecting textile text formatting causes interning empty string errors
  • Fixed: error with postgres when entering a non-numeric id for an issue relation
  • Fixed: div.task incorrectly wrapping on Gantt Chart
  • Fixed: Project copy loses wiki pages hierarchy
  • Fixed: parent project field doesn’t include blank value when a member with ‘add subproject’ permission edits a child project
  • Fixed: Repository.fetch_changesets tries to fetch changesets for archived projects
  • Fixed: Duplicated project name for subproject version on gantt chart
  • Fixed: roadmap shows subprojects issues even if subprojects is unchecked
  • Fixed: IndexError if all the :last menu items are deleted from a menu
  • Fixed: Very high CPU usage for a long time when fetching commits from a large Git repository


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